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FIRE in Japan

FIRE in Japan
Hello! Masaki Tanzawa
Today I will talk about FIRE in Japan as a trend.

F.I.R.E., it is an abbreviation of “Financial Independence, Retire Early.”
It aims to save money and invest 50–75% of your income vigorously in some investment target.
So It may enable you to retire even in your 30s or 40s.

It is a concept of “retiring early and freeing yourself from a life full of work.”
FIRE once spread to the United States and Europe a few years ago, has expanded to the world, and in Japanese it is becoming popular.
In particular, in 2020, due to the COVID-19 disaster, more people came to distance themselves from work and commuting, and their attention for FIRE rose at once.
And the consciousness of the younger generation in Japan is changing. There is no resistance to side work and investment. In addition, the number of young people who aim for their own way of life is increasing. They may accelerate that movement.

In the USA, it is said that the index is to set the amount of assets at the start of FIRE to “25 times the annual spending”.
It is not “25 times the annual income”, but “25 times the annual spending”.
You need to reserve a cost of living to a level where you can live at least.
Regarding the amount of expenditure, there is also an index of the “4 percent rule” in the United States.
Being told that if the cost of living is within 4% of the investment amount, you can live without reducing assets.

To meet the demand of FIRE movement, several financial products are supplied in the market, and property investment is popularized by making bonds.
I think that property investment in Japan will become more and more available in various generations.
It will bring booming in the property market constantly.

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