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Glamping boom and a resort city Hakuba

Glamping boom and a resort city Hakuba

Masaki Tanzawa, a licensed property agent and management manager.
Today I will talk about a resort city in Japan. I pick up “Hakuba” in Nagano prefecture.

What is a resort city in Japan?
A resort city or town in Japan sometimes means a place of enjoying snow sports like skiing and snowboarding. Typical places for ski resorts in Japan are Niseko, Hokkaido and Hakuba, Nagano.
Hakuba is where once the Winter Olympics were held in 1998. It was crowded with Japanese skiers at that time, but the popularity faded some time due to the decline in the skiing population. And again a turning point came, expansion of foreign tourists helped its prosperity, actually in 2019 the number of guests increased 69.6% y-o-y base. However it was diminished again by COVID-19, as guests from abroad vigorously decreased.

Survival tactics of Hakuba
A ski resort is a place generally where you can enjoy skiing and snowboarding in winter.
But recently Hakuba has changed its image to an area where people can have fun all year round. For example, they promote to attract customers in green seasons like spring and summer.
Booming camping in Japanese may boost this promotion.
Under COVID-19 crisis, it is favored among Japanese people to go camping without equipment. It is called “Glamping”, which you are aware that it is a coined word with glamorous and camping.
The trend doesn’t show a clear result yet, but they anticipate revival after the corona pandemic.

Emigration from the city area increase
Another trend appeared in provincial cities like Hakuba, that is moving in from the city area. As remote working spreads over, people tend to live in local towns away from the city. Local real estate agents expect price increases again after the corona chaos.
I have been putting priority on the Tokyo Area as an investment target, however I should say it is worthy to turn our eyes into local areas other than Tokyo.
In fact, secondhand properties such as holiday apartments, resort condos and holiday houses remain in good condition.

Please contact me if you have any interests in Hakuba or other resort cities such Niseko etc..
It would be possible to liaise you with a proper agent local.

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