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Vacant house and land owner unknown

Vacant house and land owner unknown

It is reported land and houses that the owner is unknown in Japan  is 4.1 million hectares in total and occupies 20% of land on the register all over Japan.

Most possible reason is inheritance, that is heirs did not  lawfully register its inheritance property when inheritance. And the circumstance continued for many generations, then property owner unknown was increasing. It became a big social problem.

Japanese Government tried to eliminate its inappropriate situation, and took special measures so far, for example enabling local governments to carry force investigation and administrative enforcement on long-time abandoned houses in 2014.
Furthermore, making it mandatory to register inheritance property for heirs has been deliberated on by the Diet, and the law is passed this year and finally it is expected to come into effect in 2024.

Those properties are mostly not useful nor sold easily. But recently movement to reuse them is happening and there are several cases successfully utilized.
For example, there are companies or NPO who provide services like below.

1.Property management service  with a fixed amount
2.Matching service between sellers and buyers of long-time abandoned houses and lands
3.Sublease service for owners of unused houses who do not want to spend a money for refurbishing

There are some success cases nicely reborn to café restaurants, bar rooms and shared workspaces.

If you feel a little your interest rises on the matter, I am pleased to help you further.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions for property investment.

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