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Japan Property Investment & Investor Visa Current status

For all those who are interested in Japanese investor visa and investment in property.


My name is Masaki Tanzawa, and I am a licensed property management manager in Japan. I used to work for an one of Japan’s leading property management company. And I have an expert knowledge of property transaction in Japan.

I will talk about Japanese property market featuring the latest data, news & topics in Japan.  I also hold a webinar regularly according to some interesting theme.

And further I am familiar with a business manager visa in Japan, so you can get information on it as well.

By owning a property in Japan, you can get a chance to step forward to Japanese permanent residence with that as a foothold.

This blog must be useful to everyone who is interested in investment in Japanese property and Japanese permanent residence.

Let’s see a current status of property market in Japan.

First, I would like to take up  the article in Nikkei dated 18th Jan.,2021.

The article is the below.

Will prices continue to rise? 

Second-hand apartments in the 23 wards of Tokyo. 

Yes, actually it is clear that prices continue to rise when we looked at the data last year.

I am expecting still a rise, and many experts say the price will rise as well this year.

The above is the statistics of data published on the web.

It is published regularly by a public institution, that is the Real Estate Information Network System.

This shows the number of units contracted/sold in 2020 at Tokyo 23 wards. The number of cases last December was 1,038.

The above is the year-on-year rate of change compared with last year.

There were a few fluctuations, but the figures showed a rise for example plus 32.7% in last Oct. and plus 9.9% in last Nov. .

Anyway this is obvious data to prove an active trend in the Japan Property Market.

The median unit sales price per square meter was Yen 575,300 in last Dec..

If the average size of condominium units is 70 square meter in Tokyo.

It became Yen 40.27 million.

Is it expensive in the world?  No, it is never high-expensive property.

If you live in Asian area, you know well the house prices in Hong Kong and Singapore. They are quite high as 1st and 2nd high ranked in Southeast Asia.

According to news sources, the average price in a 2 bedroom apartment in New York was $2.15 million.

Converting 2.15 million dollars into Japanese Yen, it becomes ¥223 million.

The average size of a 2 bedroom in NYC is said to be 750 square feet.

750 square feet can be converted to 69 ㎡ in Japan.

69 ㎡, if it applied to Japan average price, it would be ¥40+ million. So the price in NYC is about 5 times of Japanese apartment price.

Thus you can see the price in New York apartments is much much higher than Tokyo central.

Japanese business manager visa by owning property in Japan 

Secondly, I proceed to the topic of business manager visa in Japan.

It is possible to get a residency visa in Japan, called the Business Manager Visa, by opening a company and running it stable starting with investing in Japanese property.

The Japanese Business Manager visa requires the applicant to be an executive officer of a company established in Japan, so just the investments or purchases of property can’t meet directly the requirements of this visa.

For qualifying for this visa, the investments and purchases must be structured into a business, with the applicant becoming an executive.

For example, it may be eligible for this visa through if your obtained property is utilized as an apartment renting business.


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